Second take on the lion war

November 19, 2007

Where is my Genji Set? I can’t steal from Elmdor! and I spent a lot of time trying! There is another quest where you can get it, though, but not all of it (just the sword and the armor)

What happened to the spells/attacks quotes? “Layer upon layer make your mark now! Haste!” anyone? I really liked those, and I even used those while playing FFXI (some people liked it some others got really annoyed… anyway that was a long time ago).

Where are the other two intro videos? I understand… they are not widescreen, but they could have remade them just as the first one, those two videos are really good… I guess you can just download those videos and put them in your PSP to get the classic feel.

*Spoiler here *

I like the new quests, I enjoyed beating Algus (Argath?) an additional time, getting more stuff with Beowulf and Reis (with interesting extra story), seeing Ovelia one last time before going to beat Ultima (I like that one better than the original). I still don’t have the Dark Knight because I haven’t had played that much yet, and the Onion Knight sucks for now, maybe I’ll get something to make it better.

*End of Spoilers

I insist it was totally worth my money, but I have to finish with this quickly so I can start playing my Castlevania and Silent Hill… too many games, not enough time.

See my early review here


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