Sharing your stuff in Twango

November 26, 2007

There was really nothing interesting during thanksgiving (well, a lot of deals) but nothing catched my eyes enough to make me spend so I won’t comment on that.

Anyway, a friend just let me know that the new Nokia’s media sharing service has some interesting features which I considered worth mentioning.

You get quite good storage (unlimited?) or at least all you can upload within your 250 MB a month and a 100 MB maximum file size all for free, both are considerably larger than lets say Picasa (1GB/???/20MB max) or Flickr (Unlimited/100MB per month/10MB max).

Also a weird thing is that there is no automatic filtering at all, so you may find all kind of content in there (it doesn’t take too long to find nudity for example, but it is not like its everywhere). The idea is that if a picture is censored by five members it will be removed.

Since you can share all kinds of media I am surprised why people haven’t started using it that much… because of the space, bandwidth and flexibility and I don’t doubt people would be interested in using it for shady purposes (I am not doing this, nor suggesting, encouraging,  etc, etc)

Branding and having a established community are really important features that make it hard to compete with the good old ones, but I think it is worth giving a try.


I DO work for Nokia… at least until the end of this week when my internship ends, but I am not getting paid or anything like that for commenting on this. I just happened to find this interesting as everything else I have commented on.


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