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Nintendo Repair Service is reaaaaally fast!

November 21, 2007

When I bought my Nintendo DS lite about almost a year ago, I noticed within 5 minutes of playing that it had one nasty red dead pixel…. oh I felt so unlucky. Fortunately Nintendo had a policy stating that they would replace a DS Lite even with only one dead pixel, but they asked to try to live with it and only send it if it was really annoying.

I tried, it was annoying sometimes (yeah… probably not many people would care but it breaks the magic) , still I kept it for quite a long time, then one day I noticed a second dead pixel (that one was really unnoticeable), so I decided to send it for repairs (If I ever wanted to sell it no one would buy it and the first one was bad enough).

I was lazy and time passed, so finally when the warranty was about to expire I realized that I had to send it or live with it. Anyway I dropped it in the UPS box (they paid for shipping) and today, within only 8 days of sending it, I have my renewed flawless DS Lite with no dead pixels…. now that’s great service.