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GMail IMAP… time to export!

November 7, 2007

It has been a few days since I got my GMail IMAP enabled. This is just fantastic, after so many years of archiving my mail in .pst files (yeah… I used Outlook for years), I can now export all those old mails from those POP accounts that I don’t use anymore or maybe are not even valid now. I have finished exporting everything from 2004 to the present and I have finally gone over the 1 Gig barrier and my personal record of 10K messages. I still have to export everything from 1998 to 2004, but that’s a good start.

It may seem silly, but sometimes those old mail messages are actually useful. And the ability to just read them anywhere be it Windows, Linux, my PDA, cellphone, or just on the web, is so great.