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Nokia, Symbian… about Android

November 8, 2007

I was just saying two days ago that Nokia was notably absent from the Open Handset Alliance, and just yesterday Nokia stated that they didn’t consider it a threat. Today they have a different position on it, stating that they “never closed any doors” and they even welcomed them. However it looks like Symbian is singing a different tune. They even compared Android and other Mobile Linux to the common cold: “It’s a bit like the common cold. It keeps coming round and then we go back to business.” said John Forsyth, VP of Strategy at Symbian.

I still think it makes no sense for Nokia to just ditch Maemo and join OHA, but they are keeping the door open, maybe just as a fail safe. Anyway, I like Maemo, and it’s good that we will have plenty of choices when picking the OS for our mobile phone.

However I don’t think Symbian should take it so lightly, I bet a lot of devs would be happier coding for Linux than Symbian, and offering some advantages over it as well, so it may not be such a small threat.

Let’s wait and see what happens…


Enter… the gPhone!

November 6, 2007

So Android was announced today as expected, not *a* gPhone but a development platform for mobile phones.

So what is this android platform?

Well, it is Linux based and available under Apache license , and supported by 34 companies including carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint, manufacturers like HTC and Samsung, notable semiconductor companies like Intel and TI and also software companies such as eBay (think Skype).

It is worth noting that from the phone manufacturers Apple, Microsoft and Nokia are missing, because of course they are supporting their own platforms be it Apple’s OSX, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Nokia OSSO/Maemo (and of course symbian) . Though Nokia is interested in Linux it wouldn’t make sense for them to just drop Maemo and support Android, so I think it will be interesting to see how those two develop and compete in the near future.

I was also surprised to see HTC in there, they have been doing the coolest Windows Mobile devices for quite a long time, I didn’t expect them exploring Linux.

I also found interesting the mentioning on Virtual Machines / virtualization in many sources, I wonder if they are talking about VMs as in Java / .NET or more like VMWare or Xen. If it is the second this could really get interesting.