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Second take on the lion war

November 19, 2007

Where is my Genji Set? I can’t steal from Elmdor! and I spent a lot of time trying! There is another quest where you can get it, though, but not all of it (just the sword and the armor)

What happened to the spells/attacks quotes? “Layer upon layer make your mark now! Haste!” anyone? I really liked those, and I even used those while playing FFXI (some people liked it some others got really annoyed… anyway that was a long time ago).

Where are the other two intro videos? I understand… they are not widescreen, but they could have remade them just as the first one, those two videos are really good… I guess you can just download those videos and put them in your PSP to get the classic feel.

*Spoiler here *

I like the new quests, I enjoyed beating Algus (Argath?) an additional time, getting more stuff with Beowulf and Reis (with interesting extra story), seeing Ovelia one last time before going to beat Ultima (I like that one better than the original). I still don’t have the Dark Knight because I haven’t had played that much yet, and the Onion Knight sucks for now, maybe I’ll get something to make it better.

*End of Spoilers

I insist it was totally worth my money, but I have to finish with this quickly so I can start playing my Castlevania and Silent Hill… too many games, not enough time.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, the Lion War

November 9, 2007

It has been a couple of weeks since I got my copy of this remake of the great classic FFT.

It definitely it has some defects like unfiltered MIDI music, which some people like it better, and many others dislike it (I prefer the classic one, but this is not bad). It is also well known that some spells and abilities suffer from slow downs, on my opinion they are pretty minor, and after playing a bit you get used to it, it is not a big deal.

The new translation in general is very good, much better than the original, but it has unfortunate consequences like name changes. Many of the original names were not translated correctly, but I liked they way they sounded, and most of the abilities have different names now so it is a mess, and having good memory of what your dream team was does not help that much.

Some of the name changes I didn’t like are:

Balbanes -> Barbaneth

Heavenly Knight -> Knight Gallant

Hamedo -> First Strike

Oracle -> Mystic

Teta -> Tietra

Algus -> Argath

But there are some changes that I liked like

Priest -> White Mage

Wizard -> Black Mage

And I have mixed feelings about some like

Hokuten -> Order of the Northern Sky

Nanten -> Order of the Southern Sky

Aside from translation issues, the videos are amazing, the voice acting is quite good… Delita’s voice is not what I imagined, but that guy’s acting is quite convincing.

I don’t have the new jobs… yet, but I have seen a new story battle (fine addition) and got one of the new characters (lame… I really don’t like FFTA), and I am not really excited about Balthier either (I am not very fond of FFXII).

Haven’t played online yet, because my NIC doesn’t work with KAI, but a cheap one is on its way so soon I’ll check it out.

Anyway, despite being 10 years old, and having minor glitches, I think it is worth its price… you are truly getting a masterpiece, and it is a fine addition to your library even if you have the original one. I still think it is the best game of its kind (and I have played many)… but that’s my subjective opinion of course.