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Xen Summit Fall 2007

November 20, 2007

I was hoping for the material to be available already so I could link to it, but it is not yet the case.

So what is in store for Xen?

As I mentioned previously for day one some directions on Xen roadmap were shown some interesting xen extensions were shown, one I found particularly interesting is JavaGuest (Java running on top of Xen, allowing a full Java stack… more on that in a post to follow).

Day 2 started with AMD and Intel updates, and as I said it is really great that they are caring about virtualization. I am particularly excited about the features coming up with Intel VT-d which allows DMA for IO devices by means of DMA remapping (basically assigning regions of host physical memory as “protection domains”, assigning devices to this domains and remapping DMA access to host physical addresses on this domains, the remapping being done in HW).

Also very interesting was Samsung’s presentation on the ARM port of Xen, which they showed originally on the previous Xen Summit. Now it is even more advanced, they even showed Doom running in one of the domains, and following the current trend of disaggregating Dom0, they have a separate domain for drivers. Very good work, I really hope they release their work, there are a lot of great things that can be done with it.

Very interesting work for consolidating memory in Xen (the more VMs you run the more important this will become) by using Copy on Write was also shown, and a great approach at treating Xen VM as transactional applications (checkpointing the VM every few milliseconds, executing speculatively and holding any output in between checkpoints).

Finally, the recently announced OracleVM (Sun, Novell and RedHat also showed their stuff), now that Viridian is going to be released soon, pretty much all the major players have a virtualization solution in hand, this is definitely getting big.


Xen Summit Fall 2007 Day 1

November 14, 2007

I went to the Xen Summit today at Sun Campus in Santa Clara.(it is such a nice place, it is my first time there)

There is a lot going on, Xen 3.2 should be out soon and will feature lots of interesting changes, particularly upgrades to HVM support (and to my particular interest, nice network acceleration modules) among other changes.

According to the Xen roadmap Dom0 will be disaggregated (which is nice because it had a lot of privileges and was getting huge).

It is nice to know that there is interest in the hardware department on virtualization, I can’t wait to see those virtualization aware NICs and IOMMU enabled graphic adapters… good 3D in a virtual machine may not be that far from reality.

There is a lot to say, but probably I will take more time to do it tomorrow after day 2.